Optimind uses world-renowned software to assess, and then treat, areas of cognitive deficit.

RehaCom is a software platform developed by neuropsychologists and continually improved over its 20-year history.

The RehaCom system begins with a screening assessment, and uses a comprehensive suite of screening tools to measure a client’s cognitive functions compared to an averaged baseline.

After the screening process, the RehaCom system identifies areas that can be improved, and produces a recommended protocol. Targeted training modules improve specific areas of cognitive function. Some of the most common modules focus on improving attention, executive function, working memory, visuospatial skills, problem solving, and communication skills.

During the cognitive training, the complexity and difficulty will increase automatically to continue gently challenging a client. This encourages stimulation and growth – without excess frustration or difficulty. Progress is tracked for each client, and you will quickly be able to see and feel the results!

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