Our Focus

Age-related memory decline afflicts approximately 40% of us as we age.

At Optimind our focus is to improve memory function incorporating the use of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

Whether you are seeking to improve your memory for professional reasons, or to make your best years really the best, talk with us.

Our Focus is Memory Loss Treatment

How TMS Works

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective non-invasive brain stimulation technology that was approved by Health Canada for the treatment of depression in 2002.

TMS uses MRI-strength magnetic pulses to induce small electrical currents in a designated focal area of the brain. When applied repeatedly, these pulses strengthen or weaken the connections between neurons, known as synapses.

TMS is painless, with no systemic side effects and minimal risk. It is an evidence-based treatment used around the world with a long and successful history in the safe and effective treatment of depression and other conditions including but not limited to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, and neuropathy. We are very excited to bring this to Victoria with our focus on improving memory and cognition.

Cognitive Training

Cognitive Training

Cogmed is designed by cognitive neuroscientists and psychologists, and has an outstanding record of almost 20 years of strong and sustainable results in clinical settings.

As certified Cogmed coaches, at Optimind we are excited to offer a cognitive training program that leading independent research teams worldwide have shown to be effective via more than 100 peer-reviewed published studies.

What to Expect


Meet and Assessment:

Welcome to Optimind! When you arrive, the first step of your treatment will be booking a consultation with our Clinic Physician and completing a variety of standardized psychological testing to make sure TMS is the right choice for you. During your consultation we will review your testing, and compose an individualized treatment protocol for you to maximize results. We will also use this opportunity to ensure we answer all of your questions as it is our collective goal to make you as comfortable and happy as possible.


Your Treatment at Optimind:

Once we have decided which protocol is right for you and your needs, you can expect to spend around 30 minutes per TMS session, 5 days a week, over a total course of a 4-6 week period. During your treatment session, you will recline in a comfortable chair and relax while our highly trained technician navigates the TMS coil to the appropriate brain region and safely and painlessly stimulates your brain at your own individualized strength. After your treatment session is over you can immediately return to your normal day’s activities.


Evaluation: Your Result!:

That’s it! Now that you have successfully completed your 4-6 week treatment we will once again ask you to complete several follow up tests, which we will review with you to objectively measure and identify the positive changes that you have experienced. Although some clients opt for follow up ‘booster’ treatment sessions down the road, we fully expect that following your 4-6 weeks with us you will be ready to go off to enjoy your joy-filled life to the extent you deserve (but we would always love you to visit us to say hello!).

We are really excited about what we are able to offer, and we’d love to share it with you.

It would be our absolute pleasure to meet you!

Our Team

The highly skilled Optimind team is driven by one common goal: to improve lives.

Together, our team holds decades of medical and technical expertise, including specialized training in noninvasive neural stimulation (TMS) at Harvard Medical School in Boston
At Optimind we are client focussed and research-driven, using objective evaluative tools and leading-edge training and technology.

We offer an innovative, persistent, and compassionate approach – connect with us to learn more.

The Team at Optimind Clinic specialise in Memory Loss Treatment
Kim Meyer, MA Founder/CEO

Kim Meyer, MA


Dr. Drew Digney, MD, CCFP(EM)

Dr. Drew Digney, MD, CCFP(EM)

Medical Director

Dr. Melinda Zeron Mullins, PhD, MD, CCFP(EM)

Dr. Melinda Zeron Mullins, PhD, MD, CCFP

Oak Bay Clinic Physician

Madison Meyer, BSc, BCIA

Madison Meyer, BSc, BCIA

Clinical Education Director

Max Meyer Technical Director

Max Meyer

Technical Director

Craig Babiuk, MSc, PT

Craig Babiuk, MSc, PT

Innovation & Partnerships Advisor

Darius Millar Strategic Advisor

Darius Millar

Strategic Advisor

Marley - Clinic Therapy Dog


Clinic Therapy Dog

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